Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Robot Babies

Before proceeding to read this post, please be informed (yes, this is my disclaimer) that the following entry does not, after this paragraph, mention or have anything at all to do with robot babies. And yes, that is a robot baby to the left (a very sad, troubled one, not the cute kind).

Today was the second day of the new Winter quarter of 2006 here at UCSB. Also, today was very well the most nonstop day of my life. Between the times of 9 AM and 6:15 PM, I had a whole of ten minutes of a break from work, then class, then work, and then class again. Yes, I am glad the day is over, and I am also ecstatic that my five hour shift at the UCSB Bookstore has come to an end.

As of the new year, my dwelling of seven male UCSB students has gained a new and welcome member: TiVo. That's right; we no longer have to fight over watching The O.C., The Apprentice, or that awful new Fox show Reunion, which will hopefully be cancelled soon anyways. Instead, we now schedule what the TiVo character labels as "season passes" for our favorite shows. Now the only problem we have is conflicting shows to record... come on TiVo, can't you solve all of our TV woes?

With the TiVo and my now free nights and weekends (due to me no longer working at an off-campus establishment such as Borders or Starbucks), I can choose to read my many books at night for class, or... TiVo! Yes, I can watch numerous recorded episodes of Seinfeld, The Family Guy, or any other shows I choose. Oh yeah... my roommate also received the first season of Arrested Development on DVD, which I can truthfully describe as "witty, eclectic, and original." I consider all of this television watching entertaining, but also a decline in my life, as last year I did not even have a television in my dorm. Why do people claim television is so bad anyways?

Update 1/11/06: I have heard some good news: The show mentioned earlier in this post, Reunion, has actually been cancelled. A wish come true!


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