Friday, December 23, 2005

Round Two of the Stinky Housemate

I'll say it quickly... my housemate now works at Woodstock's. Excellent! He brings home pizza!

Well, he chose to put mushrooms on that pizza. (Note: see previous post about mushrooms and housemate.)

The End of the World

So, if you have not yet heard, unusually large and powerful waves are invading the usually-peaceful coastline of Southern California. From San Diego County, through Los Angeles and Ventura, and up to Santa Barbara County, the beaches are being flooded with waves reaching over ten feet, a height previously unknown to the surfers and sun tanners of SoCal. Following unusually large and destructive hurricanes (such as Katrina), and massive earthquakes in the Middle East, could this be the end of the world?

Well, probably not.

However, I hope George W. Bush receives this all in a different light. Despite not really helping much at all, our infamous President claims to be a "good Christian." So obviously he believes in God....

We all know that Bush murders and tortures innocent people, perhaps indirectly. Now he must face not only his own results, but nature's fury against him as well. In his own eyes, is God punishing him? Does he have enough of a conscious to even think of that possibility? If not, then he is not a good Christian. (Of course, either way, he is just not a good person, let alone a good Christian.)

Our President aside, this weather does have me wondering. I unfortunately sat through the film The Day After Tomorrow whenever it was it came out into theaters, but luckily I did not pay a cent for it. The film is science fiction for the most part, with a little bit of political commentary. What happens in the movie can never actually happen, right? Well, that is what they said in the film....

What is happening this year seems closer to that movie than anything the United States or Planet Earth has ever faced. Louisiana has never been flooded to the extent Katrina caused, and the Middle East does not deal with earthquakes as frequently as California. Furthermore, these waves we're dealing with on the SoCal coast... the news says they will only be getting bigger. Bye bye, PCH!

I admit, I have not researched into this, but I can only assume these natural disasters are the results of global warming. Or maybe it's the El NiƱo!

Oh, wait, that's only on the west coast.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Status by Numbers

Upon signing on to MySpace today (can one day go by without it?), my "profile views" counter displayed the beautiful number "1,200." Sadly, that almost makes me feel good in a way. My internet presence and reputation has jumped up to an even number higher than 1,000. What does that really mean? Unforunately, nothing.

If only Facebook had a counter....